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Robert Hart
Owner @ Hardhack
Box 202 Highgate, South Australia 5063
email: | phone: (08) 7200 6988 | mobile: 0411421698
skype: robert.graham.hart
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Board Member @ Hackerspace Adelaide Inc. and SA Makers Inc.



2 days ago
Ingenuity 2017

Celebrating tomorrow’s technology leaders, Ingenuity 2017 showcases the dynamic world and real life applications of engineering, computer and mathematical sciences. Meet the next generation of ... See more

1 week ago
Tickets - Maker Faire Adelaide

Tickets are on sale don't miss a thing. I'll be there along with 100 other exhibitors. See you there...

2 weeks ago
Volunteer - Maker Faire Adelaide

Maker Faire Adelaide relies entirely on the skills, dedication and enthusiasm of volunteers to ensure the event is a success.

3 weeks ago
Maker Faire Adelaide 2017

Children under 16 FREE.

Maker Faire Adelaide will inspire, inform, connect and entertain thousands of attendees in a family-friendly environment that celebrates ... See more

1 month ago
SA Makers - Makers Muster

All makers, hackers, artisans, and tinkerers welcome.

Join Makers of all kinds to swap stories of projects made, projects yet to be made, share tips and learn more about makers and making in Adelaide.

This is a social meetup not a making session but ... See more

1 month ago
Cosmic Ray

For those interested in Cosmic Rays I also have a Facebook Page dedicated to the subject.

This page has been created for people who are interested in the study of Cosmic Rays and the detection of the energetic particles they create when entering the earth's atmosphere.

1 month ago
Cosmic Array Elder Park Adelaide 2017

On 2 September 2017 with the support of Splash Adelaide, we launched the first public demonstration of the Cosmic Array. This was an array of 16 individual C...

1 month ago
Sacred Resonance

All up and running! Many thanks go to Darren Curtis for his passion, enthusiasm, and support for making me build it. Paul Schulz for his tremendous work with the Raspberry Pi software. A big thank ... See more

Set up and cosmic rays arriving #CosmicArray

1 month ago
What is a Cosmic Ray? | Cosmic Ray Astronomy

What is a Cosmic Ray? A Cosmic Ray is an energetic particle that was accelerated to near light speed during the violent catastrophic death of a star. These particles travel through the vastness of ... See more

1 month ago
The Invisible Becomes Visible At The Torrens This September

This will be like nothing you've seen or heard before or ever will again: a light and music show made just for you by the cosmos.

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